Saturday, November 27, 2010

~Roda Warna~

Hye readers!

Just wanna share with you guys on how to choose a right combination colors for your hantaran @ big day or even for your colour guideline in painting for your house.

This is quite interesting.

First, look at this colour wheel.

The colour wheel is a circular arrangement of the spectrum that illustrates the relationship between colors.

Color Wheel
(source: Kryolan)

There are four types oh choices on how to combine it
1. Monochromatic
= "mono" = one colour

monochromatic color scheme

= choose one of your favorite color and two colours adjecent on either side of the colour wheel

Analogous Color Scheme

3. Complementary
= colours opposite each other on the wheel

Complementary Color Scheme

4. Triadic
= "tri=three"
combination of any three colours that are an equal distance from each other on the colour wheel

Triadic Color Scheme

Try yourself!

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